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Leadership versus Management

Leadership versus Management

Have you considered the difference between management and leadership?

Both play a major role in a company’s long-term success. However, I find they often get confused. They are directly interrelated, but yet very different. Each plays a particular function in advancing a company's performance and long term sustainability.

The easiest way to separate the two is management is production, and leadership is people. Both are equally needed to drive the business today and into the future.

Management is trained, and leadership is developed. Management is about metrics and productivity, and leadership is about culture and decision making. Management seeks consistency, and leaderships seek agility. Management is much more easily explained and understood because it is more tangible.

The easiest way to conceptualize this is that much of business is a mathematical and financial equation, accepting that can be calculated on how to get the necessary results, that is management. However, without equally balanced leadership to get them into motion, the greatest management plan will fail as it requires decision making, agility, alignment, all of which are leadership skills.

Are you balancing leadership and management in your company?


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