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Prepare your dealership for growth or transition by developing a long term strategy alongside an industry advisor providing a third-party perspective.

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Financial data converted by Harvesting Potential into a business review for forecast and budget decision making
Meetings held quarterly

Review of Key Metrics

  • Balance sheet metrics

  • Income statement versus expense ratios

  • Expense ratios

  • Department metrics including sales, parts and service versus industry KPI's

  • Competitive analysis of your dealership

One-on-One Strategy Session

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On going retainer support via phone, email or virtually
  • Half day virtual meeting to analyze business review

  • How to focus team on alignment of future strategies

  • Create written action plan

$2,500 quarterly

Continuous Support Retainer

  • Provide ongoing support when third-party perspective can provide value outside of the quarterly meeting

Additional options available. If in-person visit is requested all travel is invoiced at cost with receipts provided. 

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